Selling in six steps with Falaya

Flat Fee Broker Falaya has broken down selling into six easy steps


1. Photos


Pictures sell houses! Let Falaya help you set up professional photos or upload your personal photos to the platform showcasing your property. Check out of pre-photo shoot checklist and be sure to prepare your property to produce eye-catching photos.


2. Listing


Input your properties details, set the price, pay as little as $399 and Falaya will send your property to the MLS system, Zillow, Trulia,, and numerous brokerage sites around the area for maximum exposure at a minimum price.


3. Showings


You set your availability, approve showings, and gain feedback from the buyers all via the easy to use Falaya platform.


4. Purchase Agreement


Falaya has all of the documents and tools at your fingertips to sell your house. Our custom workflows will walk you through the process and ensure that you don’t miss a thing.


5. Sales Management


Falaya will monitor each step of the process sending reminders to all parties along the way to ensure that the sale gets to the closing table.


6. Closing


Finally the closing packet is sent to the closing office, and the day has come… You have sold your house in record time and saved thousands with Falaya! Congrats!




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