Showings Management

All showings are managed within Falaya along
with notifications for new tour requests, offers,
and more.

Push Button Offers

Buyers can easily submit an offer and sellers can
accept, counter, or reject the offers with the click
of a button.

Marketing Automation

All Falaya listings are automatically marketed on
all major real estate sites such as MLS, Zillow,, and much more.

Document Automation

All paperwork is automatically generated inside of
Falaya along with the ability to digitally sign
any document.

Virtual Tours

Falaya incorporates video conferencing to allow
sellers to virtually show their property to buyers
using any smart phone.

On-Demand Realtor Support

Our integrated video conference and screen
sharing functionality allows sellers and buyers to
quickly connect with a licensed realtor to
review documents, discuss staging, negotiate contracts, and much more.

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